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Where do I begin, it was April of 2016, I’m 18 years old and facing the same question everyone else my age is “what the fuck am I going to do in life”. You see all these people on social media doing so well, and you want to live just like them and have the money, purses, cars, that life we all want. It seems impossible I know I’ve been there, wanting to expand and reach ur full potential but so bounded by restrictions.
I was 18 and was so in love with the early 00’s vibe, glitter and lip gloss, I was never into Matte and that was all the rave, you can say there were glitter glosses out before mine and yes you are right but no actual company had glitter glosses like mine, and no other big brand had them. So I said let me make my own and see how it goes, I stayed up for a week straight literally didn’t sleep, and bought all my first ingredients and glitter/pigments and mixed it all up and came up with the right consistency which wasn’t too thick or too thin of a mixture to where the pigment and glitter would subside to the side of the lip gloss tube when laid down over night. After I had my lip gloss and this is where you probably remember seeing the famous post, I posted a photo of my lips with glitter on with the caption “lips Poppin” within a day had thousands of likes and RT’s and then I had people quoting the tweet with their own tweets and it just went viral, I had thousands of DM’s and everyone wanted my stuff. I made a website in 3 days and still had not come up with a brand name so I came up with PoppinHoez, it’s cute, fun, and you will remember it. So after i had everything going I did my first restock and within 15 seconds sold out of all my 4 colors and made over 2k in 15seconds. I was BLOWN AWAY and knew there and then I had created a brand that was like and will never be like no other.

If you want to create a business here are the tips

1. What do you want to create
2. Educate yourself and research first
3. Create a website 
4. Name your brand. search first to see if your name has already been trademarked because if u see urself succeeding you need a name that you can trademark and no one else has
5. Social media
6. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest
7. KEEP ALL personal and business separate
8. Know your competition
9. Take professional photos, not photos with trash in the background or on carpet or with dirty finger nails, trust me presentation is everything, ever since I started I always took professional photos, now i have a photographer but still do take pics myself. 
10. Once you get a business up and running and some money coming in, you need to get ur company trademarked and a business license
11. Have fun with it once ur not having fun anymore it becomes more of a job you don't want to do than a business you wan to build.
12. Be honest and don’t let ur company go. once you do its very hard to get it back up

I tell everyone that you can have a simple basic pencil but if ur marketing skills are great, you can sell a MILLION of those pencils. It’s all about marketing these days, I suggest the money you get you put into Facebook and Instagram ad’s.

If you know what you want to do, do it, I started with 300$ of my own money and even if u don’t have 300$ you can do it, if you envision yourself becoming successful and driving that nice car it will happen.

( i won’t tell you where or what ingredients I used or where I bought my stuff because if u want to succeed on ur own and in life, you need to do it on ur own and not have everything be given to you for free, no one told me how to create a business so therefore you need to research and educate yourself and you’ll go far on your own)



I have posted throwback photos of my lip glosses and when I first began.

This photo is one of the most famous


This was when i first began with the regular tubes not branded


The beginning of my website, i hadn't launched yet.



A conversation between me and my mum before I launched.




One of the posts that went viral


Other photos when i first began almost 2 years ago




  • this is helpful. i’m only 16 and i want to start a business with pastries and treats. i’ll start slow, but i will succeed somehow.

    lover girl on
  • It may be weird but I love you Krissy! Anyways, I have just one suggestion.
    could you please have pics of diff shade lips modeling your lipglosses !!!!

    Jessica on
  • Wow you’re so inspiring with your come up ! Ion know you but I’m sikeeeddd for you , BO$$ Bitch moves. I’m on the same boat with my upcoming business and I’m so glad I came across your website 💜 Your lipgloss Looks great ! 👏🏻

    Andrea Cerrato on
  • You do you boo I the work is amazing

    💣💥kai_bhaddie💥💣 on
  • How did you start getting into the manufacturing of the lip gloss and did you have to go through any type of federal regulations in regards to the production of cosmetics when you started your business?

    Ashlyn Merrill on

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Creating a Business